How to choose the surface of the faucet (Kaiping faucet manufacturer)
The common surface treatment processes of faucets are chrome plated, PVD, baking varnish, wire drawing, ORB and so on. T......
35/5000 How to choose and buy cost-effective faucet _ open level faucet manufacturer - heshan huang chao bathroom co. LTD.
1. Look at the gloss of the plating.Check faucet appearance luster is even, edge corner seam is hysteretic and smooth wi......
30/5000 The small history of the faucet _ the manufacturer - heshan city huang dynasty sanitary ware co. LTD.
First presented in the 16th century, cast in bronze, the secondary role is to control the size of the outlet switch and ......
How to select the antique faucets?
Rare faucet appearance disposal process has chrome, PVD, baking paint, drawing, ORB, etc., they each have the characteri......
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