TM968 is a very mini laser barcode scanning module designed for mobile data terminal.

TM968 Mini Laser Barcode Scanning Module

It is specially designed for stores and payment. With advanced imager collection technology and 32 bits decoding system it can not only read printed barcodes quickly but also it can read barcodes on computer and mobile screen easily.

TI2145 CCD Barcode Scanner

Based on advanced liner array CCD imager technology, it is a 1D barcode scanner with higher speed compared with laser barcode scanner. It can read screen barcodes, DPM and worn barcodes more easily.

TI4145 Imager Wireless Barcode Scanner

Integrated with decoding function can read all common 1D bar codes correctly and quickly. Resolution 5mil, it is easy to be integrated with all kinds of OEM equipment.

TM22XX Laser Barcode Scanning Module

TS2400 provides reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form. The wide working range makes this device ideal for retail, hospital, education or government settings.

TS2400 Laser Barcode Scanner with Long Depth of Field

TS4500 has stronger decoding ability and IP54 protection. With encrypted and adaptive frequency hopping transmission, it has good features of robustness even under abominably industrial environment.

TS4500 Industrial Wireless Barcode Scanner

It is comfortable and easy-to-use, this single device can capture all common 1D bar codes and it is ideal for use in retail stores, markets and warehouses.

TS2215 Laser Barcode Scanner

With Bluetooth 3.0, it can easily link to mobile, tablet PC, PC etc. It supports Android, IOS and Windows. Depth of field up to 180cm and with 32 bits decoder.

TS4800 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

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